Spearman on the Issues

Throughout her life, Pat has fought tirelessly to ensure that everyone is treated equally under the law. As the first openly lesbian member of the Nevada State Legislature, she supported a constitutional amendment to make marriage equality the law of the land; introduced an amendment to ban anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination; and convinced the state Assembly to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment - making Nevada the first state in four decades to adopt the amendment, which has still not been enacted on a national level.

As a U.S. Army Veteran, Pat understands the sacrifices made by military members and their families. In the state Senate, Pat strived to help the Nevada Department of Veterans Services, so that they could provide veterans with the support they need. Pat would continue to dedicate herself to helping her fellow veterans by expanding access to childcare for military families, assisting veterans and servicemembers who have survived sexual assault during their service, and ending the epidemic of veteran homelessness by ensuring veterans have access to well-paying jobs when they return from service.

Pat earned a Doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis on Renewable Energy, serves on Nevada’s New Energy Industry Task Force, and is a widely respected speaker on the subject. In the state Senate, Pat has worked to cut back energy costs, expand the solar energy economy, establish annual goals for clean energy savings, and bring cost-effective efficiency programs to working Nevadans. Pat will fight to protect the environment and provide Americans with clean energy job opportunities.

Pat ran for state Senate because she witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by the Great Recession and wanted to do something to improve the lives of her friends and neighbors. As a state Senator, Pat has fought to make the American Dream a reality, working to diversify job opportunities and advocating for an increased minimum wage. Pat will continue to push for economic diversification so that all Americans have access to well-paying, fulfilling jobs.

As President of the San Marcos Consolidated School District, Pat saw first-hand the challenges that parents, teachers, and administrators face in ensuring every child has access to public education. As a state Senator, Pat introduced and supported legislation to help students refinance loans, increase Opportunity Grants for college and trade school attendance, invest in early education, raise Nevada education funding by several hundred million dollars each year, and promote the development of a mentorship program between the state’s higher education system and local businesses. Pat will continue to passionately advocate for affordable, quality education for all Americans.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We must work to achieve affordable universal healthcare without compromising healthcare benefits for active members of our military, their family members, and veterans. As Chair of the Senate Health Committee, Pat has worked to provide better care to children living with rare diseases, co-sponsored a bill that expanded reproductive health freedom in Nevada for the first time in 17 years, and fought against GOP schemes to take away health insurance from millions of Americans. Pat will advocate for the implementation of Medicare-for-all to guarantee that all Americans have the insurance they deserve.

We need sensible and compassionate immigration reform. Despite the racist, anti-immigration rhetoric embraced by the GOP, Pat knows that diversity is key to the strength and success of our nation. Undocumented Americans are just as much a part of our society as anyone else, and they deserve a pathway to citizenship.

Hardworking citizens have spent their lives paying into their Social Security accounts. Social Security is a vital, financial safety net for many of our seniors. It’s unthinkable that some politicians would try to take this away. Yet sadly, that is the case. Pat believes it is of utmost importance that we keep our promises to the older generation.

As Senator, Patricia Spearman has created legislation that allows for the growth of the Marijuana industry. Patricia Spearman will aid and advocate for the use of Medical Marijuana growth, research, and regulation.

" Let's fight for a brighter tomorrow, together!"